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MN Police Try To Hide Their Guilt: Even More Guilt Exposed

Minneapolis Airport police try to hide their guilt:
Even more guilt exposed:

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...The Minneapolis Airport police involved in the assault and battery upon my person are criminally culpable for their actions and they know it…they have committed a racial hate crime and are criminally culpable as such. This is why they concocted such elaborate lies and deceptions and framed me as having assaulted them. All of this trickery and deception is outlined carefully in my main account.

As a brief reminder I state that they switched officer positions in their reports to manipulate facts, deliberately left out the lead officer’s testimony and badge number, falsely accused and framed me with assault, and accused my mother of perjury when she testified against them in court.

They have gone even further in covering their criminal actions…, which is the subject material of this update.

1. Noting the severe extent of injuries and trauma they had caused to my person, they made efforts to hide the extent of my injuries both by illegal actions following the assault and by false written testimony in their police statements: they would simultaneously frame me and in the same breath, hide their culpability via the following statements:
In officer Wingate’s (#89) statement it reads, “as I was kneeling over James I looked down and noticed a large pool of blood start to accumulate on the aircraft floor and jams shirt. Officer Hoerdt said, “It’s me”. I looked up and noticed a large laceration on officer Hoerdt’s forehead, which was bleeding profusely.” This statement was an utter lie and pivotal both to framing me at having assaulted Hoerdt, and implying that not all of the blood on the floor was my own, and thereby downplaying the true brutality of the assault.
The truth of the matter is that officer Hoerdt, as I fully explain with proof, in the main write up, was at the back of a 4 man line up of police in front of me in the narrow isle of the airplane-completely out of reach of this supposed head butt they accuse me of. As for the laceration to his face, he sustained this when he and another officer (Wingate) tripped over each other as the 4 of them lunged in at me (and toward my injured arm). His injury was sustained by falling, not as a result of my having attacked him in any way.
They went further to use the fact that I also had a laceration to my head to suggest that my injury and Hoerdt’s were sustained through mutual impact. In fact my head injury was sustained by the lead officer having struck me in the head with an elbow and from having impacted my head on a side panel of a chair after I was tasered (5oooo volts) by this same officer and fell to the floor!!!)
Yet this ploy of deception fails in that I have proven irrefutably that Hoerdt was standing at the back of the line (via taser serial identification) and that consequently, all of the blood pooling on the floor that had me caked in blood front to back as blood streamed from my forehead –was my blood! That the brutality of their assault was as severe and criminal as the pictures I have forwarded reveal.

2. The police also held me 9 days in Hennipen county detention center with no Miranda rights having been read to me at any time-before or after the attack, in order to wait for the pool of blood in my eye to dissipate such that I would not be able to take pictures of the full extent of my injuries. They would constantly comment on the condition of my eye in the morning, not out of concern (they denied me all medical attention to my laceration-illegal) but to assess when it would be safe to let me go, the evidence of their hyenas crimes having faded.
Moreover, the laceration to my eye minus the blood pooled in my eye made it more plausible that I could have head butted someone, but the blood pooled in my eye destroyed the crux of the hateful framing and deception they were playing on! To support the plausibility of their lie and ensure their crimes remained hidden, they had no choice but to wait until the pool of blood in my eye had dissipated, prior to releasing me.
Even the jail marshals were surprised to see that I had been held so long. They said to me “ they held you for a week?! That’s ridiculous, they could have given you a bail hearing the next day!!”

Finally as a supplement to this update I would like to cite 2 counts of irrefutable evidence supporting the fact that we were profiled out of racial hatred while at the airport- and most likely, even before we got on board the plane…
Point #1: the airline stewardess began acting strangely towards my mother simply because she had placed one of our bags in the middle (unoccupied) seat in our row as we first sat down. The stewardess made a loud arrogant statement to the effect of “ is there a problem here” not directly at my mother but while standing beside our row and facing to the audience of the rest of the plane. She repeated it again and then turned to face my mother. It was clearly her intention to make a spectacle out of my mother and I from the onset!!! She then began to site rules and regulations concerning the placement of bags (which had no merit!) and it had become clear that she was trying to imply that we had ulterior motives for having this bag in that seat! We were being subtly profiled as a threat! Subsequent to this and only moments after, she would follow me down the isle asking me if I had a problem! Clearly the problem was hers and the genre was clearly one of ethnicity and racial hatred!

Point#2: when the airport police boarded the flight, I asked them 3 pertinent and pivotal questions. Again, those questions were,
A: am I being arrested?
B: have I committed any crime? (By their ‘standard’)
C: am I being charged?

To all 3 statements I was told, “no sir you are not’

Yet by their own written admission in their statements they contradict this intent, indicating that it was their plan to cuff me just as soon as the opportunity presented itself! Despite telling me I was not under arrest etc, this account reveals that they had it in their intent to accost and cuff/ attack me regardless. In written police statement, officer Wingate states “James' stature was very large…sergeant Milton #4214 immediately told me that he did not feel safe with James walking off the aircraft unhand cuffed and instructed me to handcuff James as soon as possible” and so the truth comes out!

Moreover, my mother and I were most likely marked and profiled even before we got on the plane, by security and airport personnel who I noticed, were eyeing me intently and suspiciously from the onset even before we boarded.
It has been suggested that perhaps the captain and crew were contacted by security to look for us as a possible threat- this would certainly explain why the stewardess honed in on my mother about the bag issue within the first minute after having boarded!! We were already marked.
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